Create pixelatedNFTs

Become a pixel artist with a few clicks and immortalize it on the blockchain. Use your favorite image or one of your NFTs, select the pixel size, color palette, and mint it for 0.01E as an NFT.
You create, you own, and you decide what to do with it! 100% of the royalties go to you.

Create your NFTMinted: x/5000

How it works


Pick the source

Upload your favorite image or select one of your NFTs.


Become the artist

Select the pixel size with the slider. Bigger size means more details. Choose a color palette using the dropdown menu. When you are happy with the result, set a Name and a Description, so it could be unique in all senses.


Define the destiny of your masterpiece

Mint it and become the creator and owner, or simply download the image... we love you too right-click saver ❤️.


Pixit is a project that started as an experiment down the rabbit hole of web3. It is the result of the learning path on blockchain programming, the first one from us but definitely not the last one 😉.

What is Pixit? Pixit is a degenerative art platform that allows artists and enthusiasts to put their own fingerprints into the blockchain by degenerating pictures or NFTs. Our first collection, Pixel GenArt, is pixel-art based.

Why pixel-art? We love pixels, everyone loves and lives by pixels on a daily basis. Pixel-art is also the main character of the first NFTs and web3 movement. PixelMap, Million Ether Homepage, CryptoPunks, Ethereum Pixels, Abracadabra and tons of more crazy projects.

And what about the future? you may ask... To be honest, we prefer delivering than overpromising, so the roadmap at the moment consists of improving the platform, and other crazy ideas that we'd rather keep to ourselves. Moving forward we may develop or unlock new degenerative collections partnering with talented artists if art is grail. As all genesis collections, Pixit DegenArt holders may have WL and benefits if we decide to embark in new collections. Stay tuned.


We are some passionate pixel-art fans and builders finding our path down the rabbit hole, thrilled about what the future has for everybody!


Builder; strategy. Founder of


Builder; NTFs & crypto enthusiast. Communities lover


There are only 5000 to mint. That's all.

Refer to the How it works section.

The mint price 0.01 ETH.

1 mint per transaction. You mint the art you create.

There is no limit. We are not limiting the amount of artworks you can create, own, sell and share.

You will have commercial rights to the art you mint. You create, you own and you decide what to do with it! 100% of the royalties on secondary sales will go to you, we are not getting anything from that.

DM us on Twitter. We think that creating a Discord server at this stage is not needed but may change in the future.
Made with love